Louise Rayner Artist

Louise Rayner Artist 1832 - 1924

  • Everyone has seen Louise's work, but few know who she was!
  • Louise's paintings have appeared on countless jigsaws and prints.
  • As a distant relative I am hoping to further boost the revival of interest in Louise and her sisters.
  • Her water colours have been sold for £30,000 or more
  • I provide some useful links below of which the excellent Dudley link is the definitive link
  • Louise Rayner and her sisters were pioneering female artists and feature in Ellen Clayton's "English female artists" - 1876, and would be worthy of Feminist study
  • Sisters Nancy,Louise,Margaret,Rose,Frances and brother Richard were all artists
  • Her father Samuel and mother Anne Manser were also noted artists.
  • Louise Rayner painted street scenes which are sometimes the ONLY record of their epoch, these painting form the basis of Louise Rayner Walks in Chester and other towns.
Bonhams Nov 09 2011 Sale of 5 Louise Rayner Views of Chester Estimates 4000 to 30,000

Louise Rayner Crystal Palace Exhibition Letters

Louise Rayner Memorabilia on eBay Occasionally original paintings crop up

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Click here for photos of the Rayner Family of Artists and examples of their paintings

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