Louise Rayner Artist

Crystal Palace Exhibition Letters

1856 : Five Letters from Louise Rayner to Mr Mogford

HENRY MOGFORD, Artist and Manager of the Fine Arts Department at the Crystal Palace.

A series of 5 Autograph Letters (2 written in the third person) by Louise Rayneraddressed to Mr.Mogford enquiring about and sending pictures to the Exhibition at the Crystal Palace. 5 pp. 7 x 4 inches tipped on to one album page one diagonal crease. 1856-1857. Louise Rayner (1832 - 1924) artist.

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Mr Mogford's Album Page

May 5th 1856 "Where to send pictures?"

May 23rd 1856 "Did The Chapel of Edward the Confessor painting arrive"

June 18th 1856 "Can she be sent an Admission Card if pictures accepted"

Oct 23 1856 "Have my 5 pictures been removed from the gallery, if so where to"

Nov 4th 1856 "The price of 'Old Church near Canterbury' is 5 guineas"

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