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The Windsor Connection

Rayners and the Windsor Connection

Samuel Rayner and his wife Ann spent the last years of their life in Windsor, did they choose Windsor because it was close to their ancestral home (Colnbrook/Horton) where they still had relatives (and still do)?

Some Dates
  • 1871 Census Samuel Rayner and Ann nee Manser (65,68) II at 41 York Place (SL4 1DD) New Windsor noted as Member of the Water Colour Society
  • 1874/5 Samuel still painting
  • 1879 Samuel Rayner II artist son of Samuel Rayner dies in family home in Windsor
  • 1881 Census Samuel is dead, Ann and daughter Margaret at 5 Brunswick Terrace Kings Road, New Windsor, Margaret Rayner born abt 1847 Derbyshire, Artist Painter
  • 1889 Jun 13 Miss Margaret Rayner 41 Craven Rd, Westbourne Terrace (Paddington) has an article p614 of the Lady concerning her sketch of the Royal Agricultural Soc. Jubilee show in Windsor Gt Park & her sketch club (picture)
  • 1889 --- -- Death of Frances nee Rayner Copinger (estranged from husband?) in Windsor
  • 1890 --- -- Ann nee Manser wife Samuel Rayner II dies (Tunbridge Wells/Windsor?)

Some Images

Louise Rayner : Peascod St

This photo reveals amazing detail of Windsor at this time, Eton Schoolboys, shops, street life, cavalry

This is all that we know of the Windsor connection, but surely there must be records of their residence in Windsor archives, can you help?

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Louise Rayner : Peascod St Castle End

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